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The company DARKGLOBE, LDA, develops activities whose nature and dimension involve high professional risks.


For this reason, it was established and distributed to all employees of the Health and Safety Policy of the company based on the following principles:


• Promotion of the conditions of Safety, Hygiene and Health, in order to harmonize the work and providing the physical well- being and mental to the workers;

• Prevention and control of risks and diseases;

• Implement and comply with the current general safety principles legislated under the Health and Safety applied to civil and public construction;

• Monitoring the work in progress to ensure the necessary conditions in terms of health, safety and welfare of existing human resources in accordance with the requirements presented by the Health and Safety plan of project phase and adaptation/development to work phase;

• Promote training and information regarding the Safety and Health aimed at raising awareness of workers in this area;

• Awareness and responsibility of all actors with roles in the process of implementation, maintenance and consolidation of Health and Safety at work;

• Implementation and enforcement of legislation in force under the Safety and Health;


These principles aim at the following objectives:

• Elimination of accidents in general, creating working conditions appropriate to the workers;

• Reduced accident rates to below the existing national framework for the sector of civil and public construction;

• Improve the knowledge and enhance the awareness of employees in the area of Safety and Health.

Projects, construction, electrical installations, purchase and sale of construction materials