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Respect for the environment and its sustainability are concerns for us, since we believe that the only way we create solutions for overall satisfaction.


These concerns are manifested in different fronts of action and decision-making of the company, both in terms of study projects, defining and assessing their impact on their surroundings, minimizing risks to a minimum and inconvenience of the populations involved, both within the implementation being used good construction practices, and made the study of technological measures to apply, as well as the selection of the most appropriate equipment, not forgetting the awareness of everyone involved in the process for environmental issues.

We believe that only through this duality proactive action can be transmitted to subsequent generations a planet more pleasant, since one of the values we stand for is the same, the continuity.

We are also mindful of minimizing the consumption of existing resources in terms of energy, studying and designing solutions for this purpose. With the recent entry into force of the new regulations pertaining to energy certification intend to provide our customers with quality solutions that not only meet the minimum prescribed in the existing legislation, but also to obtain the degree of the certification A+.



Projects, construction, electrical installations, purchase and sale of construction materials